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Discover your hormones
Included is an extensive hormone sex evaluating your sex hormones and the stress hormone cortisol

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Will get to know you personally and the needs specific for your goals.

Daily Voxer access
Don’t wait to ask a question. Get daily feedback.

Training app
Get your specific workout plan and daily accountability check-ins.

Your Precision Health Blueprint
Personalized built and refined just for you.

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Most men I talked to fall into one of three categories:

Stage 1

While you may regularly fight the extra pounds that relentlessly try to creep on, you can still do most everything you want to do.

Life is busy, and since you don’t have any physical problems, health is far from a priority. In fact, it rarely enters your mind.

Stage 2

You are beginning to show the early signs of aging. Your joints are stiff. Pain is likely a daily norm. 

You notice you simply don’t have the energy you once had, and you can feel the decline that comes with an aging body breathing down your neck.

Stage 3

Fear probably plays a part in your everyday life. Having given in to extra pounds and low energy, you feel the old you slipping away, and that may scare you.

You are probably on at least four or more prescription drugs per day. Worst of all, you believe this is the best your health will be from this point forward and it’s downhill from here.

Hi I’m Kevin
When it comes to how most people feel about working on health, I get it.

Day in and day out I see patients who are tired of struggling with the same challenges over and over again.

They talk to friends.
They search Google.

They try everything and anything, but they just can’t seem to find the right combination of diet, exercise, supplements, and whatever else it is that they are trying.

Honestly, there was a time when I struggled with some of those things, too.

I’ve learned that it is so important to be proactive and I am genuinely committed to helping you move towards a life of good health so you can enjoy the life you dream of for as long as you are on this earth.

Order Kevin’s Book

In YOUNG AND STRONG AT 40 & BEYOND, Kevin shares his experience with proven anti-aging treatments and lifestyle interventions so you can have energy, mental clarity, and physical strength well into your eighties and nineties.

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“I’ve finally found a healthy way of living that allows me an occasional indulgence. Best of all, it is a lifestyle I can maintain.”

~ Aaron Walker
Founder, View From The Top

“If you happen to be an entrepreneur, like me, and you get yourself caught in the trap of working around the clock, and your putting other areas of your life on the backburner (especially health and fitness), and you’re not eating right and you’re not physically active, my friend, get this book, Young and Strong at 40 & Beyond. Kevin Davis is a great friend, and this information will change your life.”

~ Cliff Ravenscraft, The Cliff Ravenscraft Show

Be proactive, not reactive!

Most people have a lifespan that resembles a triangle.

On the left side of the triangle is when you are born. For most, when we’re born we feel good, and everything works the way God designed.

Over time, we travel up the left side of the triangle, hitting our peak around age thirty-five. Then we hold on to that peak until about age fifty, at which point we start to decline as we progress toward the end of life.

But I want you to know, poor health is not inevitable just because you age. The reality is, you do not have to stay in a state of dis-ease. We can do a lot to improve your situation so that you can enjoy your golden years.

The truth is, you can take steps right now to stop that from happening to you. For one, you can choose to have a rectangular shaped lifespan.

This is how my wife, Dená, and I choose to live. With this rectangular lifestyle, we have the energy to do all we want to do. Our minds are clear, focused, and sharp—and will be for our entire lives.

The 4 Pillars of Health

The good news is, you can make the necessary changes to facilitate a healthy body, and these same practices will keep you healthy as you age.

I call them the Four Pillars of Health.

This is all about finding YOUR healing diet.

Once you’ve gotten your diet settled, the next thing you need to do is move. That means you need to get some exercise.

Next, you need to relax. Prayer is incredibly important to your health and to aging well. 
(If you prefer, you can simply replace “prayer” with “meditation” or “rest 
and relaxation.”)

Sleep is vital because there are so many healing things that happen in your body while you slumber.

No matter where you’re at in your health journey, if you just start with these four simple steps of having a healing diet, exercise, prayer, and sleep, you’re going to be well on your way to improving your longevity.

Next Steps

Sometimes, the difficulty comes when you’ve been doing this for a while, but you’re still not getting results. In that case, you have to get with your health practitioner and dig a little bit deeper.

If you’d like to work with me and see if we are a good fit for each other, 
these are the steps of that process.

Schedule Your
Discovery Call

Initial Consultation 
Appropriate Labs

Start Your

Coaching Program

Regardless of whether you decide to move forward with coaching or not, from this one call you will gain a better understanding of the underlying issues in your health.

By reviewing your symptoms, I can fill you in on the potential causes of your symptoms and where those symptoms could lead without further treatment or lifestyle changes.

You’ll leave with a plan for what you should do next and when you should do it, so that you can live in health.

“My wife and I both think that the investment we made in coaching will save us money in the long run because our health issues have been eliminated….

Basically, we were ane to get help that will help us the rest of our lives because of the changes Kevin helped us make.”

~ Brian (and Victoria) Mininger

“This book was easy to follow and contained great information! This book is a great place to start learning about longevity and how to live a healthy, long life”

~ Briana Davis

“Most people don’t know about the 4 pillars of health (I didn’t). For anyone that wants to feel better or maintain their energy, get this book. There are great actionable steps and tips for changing your life.”

~ Scott Alan Turner, CFP

“Kevin is a caring and charismatic leader in the health space. His work benefits both patients and doctors alike.

The masterminds he facilitates for medical professionals are well, planned, intentionally thought-out and put together.

He’s gone the extra mile to deliver great value to every one of his members and I have no hesitation to recommend working with him.”

~ Ernesto Gutierrez, MD

“My wife and I work with Kevin as a team. I feel like working with Kevin has added many years and many memories to my life.

My experience working with Kevin has been nothing but top notch. He is very thorough in our meetings, digging deep into the root of any problems that we might have. Kevin is always there to answer any questions and to point you in the right direction for choices.”

~ Chris and Sondra Townsend

Great book, the author does a great job breaking down the concepts making it easy to follow and understand. Exactly what you need to keep fit, strong, and full of energy!

~ Jake L

~ Karen Anderson

Do not be deceived into thinking 
you are better off than you may truly be.

Everyone thinks they are healthy until the day 
when they find out that they are not.

Typically, you come in for an annual physical (because your wife hounded you, not because you want to, of course), and the next thing you know, we find markers in your blood tests that indicate you have problems brewing.

Here’s the Good News

You don’t have to be on a downward slope toward your nineties.

If the typical man, at forty, could gain some awareness, take his health more seriously, and focus more on taking care of himself while he still has all his abilities, he’ll never experience the health issues that come with increasing age. And the stage three man (discussed above) doesn’t have to stay that way either!

Make changes now so you won’t be the guy who ignores all the clues, never gets annual physicals, and one day has major problems with all kinds of underlying issues to resolve before more complications enter in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your background?

25 years in practice as a licensed Physician Assistant in Kentucky. I’ve owned my own private clinic for 15 of those years. 
1994 BS in Physician Assistant, University of Kentucky
2019 School of Applied Functional Medicine
2021 Wild Health Fellowship( genetics)

What’s your focus or specialty?

I specialize in men’s health, specifically focused on entrepreneurs and executives. Often, after getting help from me, their wives will come to me also.

How do I stay in contact with you?

My coaching clients receive a weekly one-on-one call, with daily access to me via email and voxer.

What makes you different from others?

Lots of clients come to me after they’ve already tried what worked for their friends or something they found on a google search.

It can be frustrating because those solutions don’t work for everyone. Sometimes they work temporarily, but the results don’t last. 

I take a completely different approach. It’s new and unique but surprisingly simple. The first thing I look at are the four pillars of health. When you can get your diet, exercise, prayer/meditation, and sleep in order, a lot of other things fall into place.

Some patients also find it comforting to know that I will pray with them. While this is not a requirement of working with me, I mention it here as it is one thing that makes me stand out from others.

What do you expect from me?

It is important for you to be totally honest with me at all times. Show up to your weekly calls on time and do your best to follow my recommendations for you.

Do you have a one size fits all approach? Or do you create individualized treatment plans?

Here’s why my coaching will be different than anything you’ve tried before:

  • instead of a pathway for all, you’ll learn your specific pathway
  • instead of just guessing, I’ll show you why you should follow a specific pathway
  • instead of frustration, you’ll get confidence in the changes you need to make

See, I’ve never been much for going with the flow. When something doesn’t work, I’ll find a different way.

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