Breaking Down to
Optimize Your Health

Helping people reach their optimal health so that they can lose unwanted pounds and regain the energy of their youth


Bypass the confusion of all the misinformation in our world and get the proven steps you can start now to get the life you desire


Kevin has over 25 years experience as a Physician Assistant helping those that struggle with their health. He has a proven system, “ The Precision Health Blueprint”, that incorporates his 4 Pillars of Health that guides people to live life at optimal capacity.


6 Steps to Optimize Your Health

We all desire a life of energy and vitality. For many, roadblocks and distractions get in our way. But, after this talk, you will learn the reasons holding you back and can start six steps to optimize your health

Lose weight without being Hungry

Over 40 % of America will start a diet this year. Unfortunately, many fail due to the overwhelming hunger that comes. But , what if, you knew how to control that hunger? After this talk, learn how to control hunger and lose those unwanted pounds forever.


I’ve never fasted in my life, well, maybe between meals. LOL. Today I’m fasting on a regular basis and my energy has increased 10X. I will admit though the first few tries I thought I was going to die. No really, it was a bear. But on the other side of those tough couple of days, I’ve never felt better in my life, seriously.

Aaron Walker


The one month weigh in – total loss of 18.6 lbs and I have more energy and feel so much better about myself already! Less bloated..

Kiimberly Akers

“My wife and I work with Kevin as a team. I feel like working with Kevin has added many years and many memories to my life.

My experience working with Kevin has been nothing but top notch. He is very thorough in our meetings, digging deep into the root of any problems that we might have. Kevin is always there to answer any questions and to point you in the right direction for choices.”

– Chris & Sondra Townsend

I was having cravings for soda and such for about 3 days but this week all that is gone. My sugars were running 160 area prior to the diet. As I began this they came down about 20 points per day for first 3 days. I then started dipping to low 80’s so I stopped the jardince and am still doing metformin.

Frank Lipski

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