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Most men I talked to fall into one of three categories:

Stage 1

While you may regularly fight the extra pounds that relentlessly try to creep on, you can still do most everything you want to do.

Life is busy, and since you don’t have any physical problems, health is far from a priority. In fact, it rarely enters your mind.

Stage 2

You are beginning to show the early signs of aging. Your joints are stiff. Pain is likely a daily norm. 

You notice you simply don’t have the energy you once had, and you can feel the decline that comes with an aging body breathing down your neck.

Stage 3

Fear probably plays a part in your everyday life. Having given in to extra pounds and low energy, you feel the old you slipping away, and that may scare you.

You are probably on at least four or more prescription drugs per day. Worst of all, you believe this is the best your health will be from this point forward and it’s downhill from here.

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